Center Info

Pasig City has built the cutting-edge intelligent traffic system (ITS) which is integrated with intelligent and innovative technologies for residents’ happiness, and is taking a fresher and stronger step as a prestige city.

Pasig City intelligent traffic system (ITS), is establishing a basis for future transportation that can provide
ubiquitous services customized for residents, by establishing ties with Urban Traffic Information System,
advanced traffic control system that uses VDS, a new signal system.

ITS means an advanced geen traffic system that can improve traffic efficiency and safety in general.

by using cutting-edge technologies, not only to automate the operation and control of the traffic system.
but also to collect, process, and provide various traffic information.

About Pasig City ITS

The ITS is located at the Pasig Command Center, 8th floor
of the Pasig City Hall. It is one of the section under the DRRMO Operations
& Warning Division.

It is designed to integrate all CCTV and various sensors deployed in the City
to help the City to have wholistic view on the situation of the city for effective
management of various emergencies.